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wannads quize answers (The Agent Mia Mission) answers 10 questions

wannads quize answers (The Agent Mia Mission) answers 10 questions




hi friends
this quiz is quick quiz and short ,,,just answers for 10 questions that will make you 0.04 $ :0.08$

the answers marked in red colour

Quiz answers
1_Welcome, Agent Mia. Your friend and fellow agent, Chloe Sakura, has gone missing. Can you_ tell us which day she went missing?

12 - 01 - 2020                                                                                        11 - 01 - 2021
11 - 02 - 2020                                                                                        11 - 01 - 2019

2_The first stop in your investigation is Chloe’s apartment. Your name is written on something! Can you find which part of the room it’s in

Bottom left                                                                                      Top left
Top right                                                                                          BUTTOM RIGHT

3_Chloe left a letter for you to find. Watch the video below to uncover its contents and see what kind of journey awaits. Once you’re finished, click on ‘NEXT’ to continue with your investigation
4_Following Chloe’s line of investigation, you’ve arrived in Tokyo, Japan. The symbol you saw at the end of the video is hidden here. Can you find which corner of the image it’s in?
Top right                                                                                           Top left
 Bottom right                                                                                    bottom RIGHT
5_It’s Chloe! But she’s trapped inside a safe room, protected by a code. Using the letters highlighted in red, try and see whether one of the options below fits
A country                                                                                  A city
 A time                                                                                       Atype of room

6_Chloe’s in bad shape. She tells you that your boss, Mr. Mifune, plans to destroy The Lighthouse from within. He’s the one who captured Chloe, and now he’s after you, Mia. Click on ‘NEXT’ to plan your next move!

7_Solving the puzzle below will lead you to Mifune’s location. Once there, you’ll be able to confront him! All you have to do is locate the part of the map that is missing a country
Top right                                                                                    Top left
Bottom right                                                                              Bottom left 

8_Blast! In order to access the office where your boss is hiding, you’ll need to solve this puzzle. This symbol ‘愛’ needs to be pieced together to access the room. Which 4 pieces do you need?

7, 5, 1, 3                                                                                      5, 4, 8, 2
5, 7, 4, 2                                                                                      7, 8, 3, 2
9_You’re inside and have confronted your boss. In order to gain the upper hand though, you need to find his name in the jumbled options below
imfeno                                                                                      emfuim
inemfu                                                                                      meunfe
10_Just as you were about to apprehend him, your boss took shelter inside a safe room. It will take a while to unlock the hatch inside it and escape. Can you catch him in time by finding his password? Using only red keys, uncover one of the options below!
A name from this quiz                                                                    A famous person
A place                                                                                            Atv show
finally for any problem__please feel free to write acomment and we will replay fast as soon as possiple

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